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Chop Suey (Edward Hopper)

The one of the famous paintings of Edward Hopper depicts two women chatting in a restaurant. Two women are sitting at a table with another couple partially visible in the background.

Art historian Judith A. Barter has explained that this is a hallmark of Hopper's style:

There is never anything to eat on Hoppers' tables. Hopper and his wife, who had little interest in food, usually prepared dinner from canned goods. He thought that the places where eating and drinking took place were important.


Chop Suey is one of the most popular art prints of us along with Edward Hopper's Nighthawks work.



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Product Description

Modern wall posters are all over your home whenever you want!

- Printed on 300 gr matt coated paper.

- The design is surrounded by a white border.

- Ships within 48 hours.

- Packaged and sent in a durable tube.